Wild Flag | Electric Band (Merge Records)

Directed By: Andrew Ellmaker + Lara Gallagher
Produced By: Hollerings + Kara Place
Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner
Edited By: Jeffrey K. Miller
Color and Effects: Andrew Ellmaker
1st AD: Dennis Brenhaug
2nd AD: Greg Ash
Production Coordinator: Nate Baston
1st AC: Patrick LaValley
2nd AC: Leah Brown
Costume Designer: Stacey Berman
Bear Designer: Derek Bourcier
Costume Assistant: Tiana Brinton
Production Designer: Evan Stewart
Set Decorator: Derek Bourcier
Scenics/Props: Christina Owen
Art Assistant: Renee Staek
DIT: Nate Goodman
Gaffer: Brad Reeb
G&E Swing: Dylan Wainwright
Chris Alley
Assistant Editor: Jessica Baclesse
Hair/Make-up: Sam Denecke
Hair/Make-up Assistant: Melinda Thayer
Still Photographer: Randall Garcia
Craft Service: Mark Luecke + Julie Butterfield Luecke
Production Assistants: Jeff Stillwell
Andrew Nealon
Greg Peterson
Keith Rice
Audio Playback: Shaw Flick
Wild Flag Team: Carrie Brownstein, Rebecca Cole, Mary Timony, Janet Weiss, Leah Brown, Andrew Grow, Andrew Nealon, Jeremiah Hayden, Steph Lawson, Julie Butterfield Luecke, Jeff Stillwell
Bears: Andy Bristol, Derek Bourcier, Rob Campbell, Helena De Crespo, Andrew Grow, Avery Harrington, Mark Luecke
Umpire: George Walker
Fans: Angelina Kelly, Jeffrey K. Miller, Dara Pohl Feldman, Grace Volker
Thanks to: Amalfi's, Bent Image Lab, Cruz Room, Cupcake Jones, Lakeside Little League, NAYA Family Center, Porque No, Saint Cupcake